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Herag Herag

Development Agency of West Herzegovina County (HERAG) is unprofitable  public institution with its headquarters in Posusje. Established by the Government of WHC in accordance with its strategic commitment, and to conduct ongoing business management and coordination of development resources, the creation of preconditions for entrepreneurial development environment and to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the establishment of credit-guarantee fund to encourage and develop entrepreneurship, and all with the aim of a continual increase of employment in West Herzegovina County.


The basic goal of the agency is preparation and implementation of strategic development plan for the County, promotion and coordination of existing development activities in accordance with the vision of Development Agency. Provide support to the county, local governments, small and medium enterprise, as well as other institutions and organizations for the purpose of social economic development in the region.


HERAG'S mission is to contribute to economic development of West Herzegovina County  by strengthening the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, as the basic carrier of the total development of each economy, also to be at the service of new technologies and ideas through the support of businesses, NGOs and government who work together to reduce poorness,
economic sustainability and stability of West Herzegovina County.


HERAG'S vision is to become the leading institution in West Herzegovina County in the area
of attracting foreign investment, encourage research, development of business
cooperation and new technologies in small and medium manufacturing sector,
agriculture and tourism.

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